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Dave Palmer

Hi there, my name is Dave Palmer and I’m a web designer residing in Perth, Western Australia.

With over 10 years industry experience I currently manage the Design Team at iiNet. We provide intelligent, user centred web design with a strong focus on business and commercial objectives across multiple brands and channels. My responsibilities include: art direction, project management, interface design, usability and user experience. I love it.

My Work

Project details will be available soon.

iiNet website
Parker website
Boomtick website
Avid Car
Boomtick website
Dave Palmer AfterEffects animation
Villa nightclub website
Fetchtv calculator
Fetchtv requirements
Fleet Network website
She is the King graphic
iiNet mobile handsets
Hive business cards
Dave Palmer logo
Land Dolphin blog template
iiNet NBN landing page
iiNet microsite design
Mobile game concept
Westnet website
Ambar render
iiNet fetchtv landing page
3FL website design
Boomtick landing page
Access Reel Concept
Avid Group
BoB2 Software Interface
Contact Uranium
Fetchtv eDM
Highs and Lows Concept
XPress Concept
Boomtick website
You're Awesome

This is just a small sample of work I have completed. Over my career I have designed and built over 100 commercial websites for a wide range of industries. In my current role I work alongside various leading marketing agencies and web design firms to deliver complete on-brand, corporate-quality web solutions.


You can find me on Instagram at:

My Life Stream

Things I've recently posted, watched, listened to, liked or favourited online.

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More to come

This is just the start, i'll be adding much more so please check back :)

Contact Me

I’m currently available for freelance work. If you have a project in mind you can: